Beautiful elder black and white Boston Terrier smiling


Angelina Sabine Mathis

October 28, 2011 - August 12, 2023

Angie was born in Louisiana, raised in Texas, and bloomed in Ohio. Her name was inspired by the Angelina River in Texas and the Sabine River that flows between Texas and Louisiana. She was a beautiful, sweet, loyal best friend.

Angie loved her family, her toys, cats, taking walks in the neighborhood, meeting new people, playing tug-of-war, new carpet, sunbathing, sunny spots on the carpet, people-watching, morning cuddles, bedtime snuggles, raspberries, apples, zucchini, sweet potato treats, and many other things. She had a very adventurous palate which she unfortunately did not get to endulge in often due to many food and skin allergies. She had the most soothing snorts and sighs, especially her sigh accompanied by her triple-snort.

Angie was a very strong, courageous, resilient soul who took each change as an adventure. She put others before herself and wanted nothing more than to be by the side of anyone suffering. She was well known for licking tears away from cheeks and cuddling anguished souls. In the end she fought hard and long but we could not allow her to suffer. We set her free and gave her back to the universe that created her beautiful soul.